Sights in the region

The surrounding region offers pleasant one-day excursion destinations. The town of Szombathely is very rich in Roman memories and Baroque sights. The Adventure Park – a true empire of games and fun – is a must-see for families with children.

The Savaria Historic Carnival is a time-travel, where visitors can learn about the history of Savaria, the 2000-year-old town. Celtic warriors, Roman soldiers, gladiators, archers, show-people and stilwalkers populate the town. Numerous events, the atmosphere of a fair and fun await both the young and the elderly. 

Kőszeg is the gem-box of the region. Its narrow and winging streets and cosy houses can easily put a charm on visitors. It is worth taking a walk to the Írottkő and the Hétforrás, the Óház look-out tower, or even the Styrian houses in the fresh air. 

Sárvár. Brightness and darkness of history
Kings, noblemen and citizens played a similarly important role in the history of Sárvár.
The medicinal water of Sárvár
The natural-treasure-based medicinal tourism is of pivotal importance in the further development of the town of Sárvár. It is unique that nature blesses a small town with two kinds of medicinal water, but Sárvár is one of such locations!
The Nádasdy-castle of Sárvár
We do not have enough information about the early history of the castle, but its name is a reference to the fact that the surroundings of the castle – following the the already mentionen Roman “spatial planning” – was covered by a swamp which served defensive purposes.
Ferenc Nádasdy Museum
The museum of Sárvár can be found in the heart of the town in the Nádasdy castle, offering exhibitions, saloons equipped with furniture from old times, frescoes made centuries ago and the only Hussar exhibition in Hungary.
A walk in the town
Our town boasts several buildings, squares, parks which provide an excellent opportunity for a walk during the day, or the evening hours.
Actively – in a green environment
The Arboretum next to the castle is worth a visit!