The medicinal water of Sárvár

The medicinal water of Sárvár

The natural-treasure-based medicinal tourism is of pivotal importance in the further development of the town of Sárvár.

It is unique that nature blesses a small town with two kinds of medicinal water, but Sárvár is one of such locations! The medicinal water with an alkali-hydrogen content has a temperature of 43 degrees and can be found at a depth of 1.300 metres. It contains sodium-chloride, hydrogen-carbonate and trace elements. It is ideal for the medical treatment of musculoskeletal illnesses, for rehabilitation, the aftercare of sports injuries, strains and for a muscle-relaxing bathing. 

The other medicinal water has a temperature of 83 degrees with a high salt content. Its main constituents are sodium-chloride, hydrogen-carbonate, iodine, bromine, fluorine and several trace elements. The famous Sárvár Thermal Crystal is made of this water by means of distilling. It is successfully used in the treatment of musculoskeletal, gynaecological dermatological illnesses.

The first spa was built upon these two treasures at the end of the 1960ies, and the new and exclusive Medical and Wellness Spa, meeting the demands of the 21st century, has been doing so since 2002. 

Ferenc Nádasdy Museum
The museum of Sárvár can be found in the heart of the town in the Nádasdy castle, offering exhibitions, saloons equipped with furniture from old times, frescoes made centuries ago and the only Hussar exhibition in Hungary.
A walk in the town
Our town boasts several buildings, squares, parks which provide an excellent opportunity for a walk during the day, or the evening hours.
Actively – in a green environment
The Arboretum next to the castle is worth a visit!
Sights in the region
The surrounding region offers pleasant one-day excursion destinations.