Ferenc Nádasdy Museum

Flair in the middle of the castle-park

The museum of Sárvár can be found in the heart of the town in the Nádasdy castle, offering exhibitions, saloons equipped with furniture from old times, frescoes made centuries ago and the only Hussar exhibition in Hungary. The inhabitants of Sárvár say that all ways lead to the castle fascinating visitors with original exhibits in its three wings, tower and cellar. The museum not only offers traditional exhibitions, but frescoes depicting battles and old skirmishes, a true castle-flair, nicely carved maps of the old Hungary, an exhibition showing the everyday life of the Bavarian royal dynasty and the history and everyday life of the most Hungarian soldiers, the Hussar in an entire wing. The tower with its winding staircase, a masterpiece made by masters of long-gone times, can also be accessed from the museum. The weapons, paintings, china, silver cutlery, carpets and furniture help us image how life once could be in- and outside the castle-walls. The museum is open every day, but Monday and it offers longer open hours in July and August. 

We are the Hussars!
Exhibition of the most Hungarian soldiers 

In our childhood we heard many stories about Hussars charging up and down the battlefield, wielding their sabres, discovering enemy manoeuvres and protecting their own supply lines. The museum in Sárvár present these soldiers. The officers’ corps of the Nádasdy Hussar regiment decided three decades ago to donate the museum the memorabilia of their officers’ canteen. Thus the objects of the oldest Hussar regiment came to Sárvár. In the course of the following years several Hussars and Hussar regiments decided to donate the museum their objects and documents. The exhibition uses these objects to present the most Hungarian soldiers. Uniforms of various colours and sabres still remain the symbols of the Hussars. Medals show that Hungarian soldiers stood their ground on the battlefields. A series of works of art remind of these heroic deeds, but also provide an insight into the everyday humours. Old weaponry recall fights against the Ottoman Empire, the exhibition, however, also commemorates the Hussars in the World Wars and the sports achievements. The greatest achievement of Hungarian equitation, a bronze medal at the Olympic Games in Berlin 1936, is one of them. Visiting the exhibition gives a detailed picture about the centuries-old history of the Hussars. 

Sárvár. Brightness and darkness of history
Kings, noblemen and citizens played a similarly important role in the history of Sárvár.
The medicinal water of Sárvár
The natural-treasure-based medicinal tourism is of pivotal importance in the further development of the town of Sárvár. It is unique that nature blesses a small town with two kinds of medicinal water, but Sárvár is one of such locations!
The Nádasdy-castle of Sárvár
We do not have enough information about the early history of the castle, but its name is a reference to the fact that the surroundings of the castle – following the the already mentionen Roman “spatial planning” – was covered by a swamp which served defensive purposes.
A walk in the town
Our town boasts several buildings, squares, parks which provide an excellent opportunity for a walk during the day, or the evening hours.
Actively – in a green environment
The Arboretum next to the castle is worth a visit!
Sights in the region
The surrounding region offers pleasant one-day excursion destinations.