Actively – in a green environment

Actively – in a green environment

The Arboretum next to the castle is worth a visit!

Here you can see the most beautifully blossoming rhododendrons, many-hundred year old sycamore trees and redwood... Familiarising with the more than hundred kinds of plants offers many hours of relaxation.

For all on the romantic side, there are two brooks flowing into each other and above them a hunting lodge to overlook the order of the Arboretum. Next to the alleys you can find statues which make the excursion in the plant garden more exciting. 

Behind the spa there is a beautiful Rowing-Lake consisting of more smaller lakes where visitors can familiarise themselves with the flora and fauna while walking over bridges and along built roads in the fresh air surrounded by peace and silence. You can also participate in the Nordic Walking tour around the lake. 

An exciting water-tour? The Rába-river – the fastest and most romantic river in Hungary – borders the town. The upper part of the river, between Szentgotthárd and Sárvár, has plenty of water and tours can be made even during a low tide in the summer. After an adventurous and romantic rowing on the Rába you arrive at Sárvár where you can rest, or discover cultural and historic memories. 

Actively – in a green environment

Two wheels? Cycling is an excellent way to discover the area around Sárvár. It is recommended to cycle around the Rowing-lake or alongside the town borders. Do not worry, if you left your bike at home. There are several places in the town where you can rent city bikes, or tour bikes. 

Hiking? The Ság-mountain, the Somló-mountain and the hills of the Kőszeg-mountains await you. A multitude of built excursion routes with signs, rests and a multitude of mountain paths accessible also via car. Have you ever been at the Írottkő? Do you know the mysteries of the caldera of the Ság-mountain? The Ság-mountain is the westernmost member of the volcanic mountains of the Balaton-region. The unique local climate fills you with energy and the established hiking path leads you to all interesting things. Let the excellent air of the mountains refill you. 

Would you rather like to fly? There is a little airport in Tokorcs, in the vicinity of Sárvár awaiting the fans of flying with a three-seater and hang-glider. Should you be hungry after the flight, visit the restaurant offering typical Hungarian cuisine and burn calories playing squash, or ninepins afterwards.

And there is much more: tennis, riding, Nordic walking, trained coaches and animators.

There are several restaurants, inns and wine-cellars for all keen on gastronomy and wine. Catering facilities await visitors wishing to refresh themselves with pleasant terraces and gardens. There is a wide range of meals, starting from the traditional Hungarian dishes to the more and more popular wellness-gastronomy, international dishes and local specialties.

Sárvár is situated between two wine-regions, it is a place where tastes meet colours. On the Hegyhát next to the town the secrets of wine-making are passed on from generation to generation. 

Sárvár. Brightness and darkness of history
Kings, noblemen and citizens played a similarly important role in the history of Sárvár.
The medicinal water of Sárvár
The natural-treasure-based medicinal tourism is of pivotal importance in the further development of the town of Sárvár. It is unique that nature blesses a small town with two kinds of medicinal water, but Sárvár is one of such locations!
The Nádasdy-castle of Sárvár
We do not have enough information about the early history of the castle, but its name is a reference to the fact that the surroundings of the castle – following the the already mentionen Roman “spatial planning” – was covered by a swamp which served defensive purposes.
Ferenc Nádasdy Museum
The museum of Sárvár can be found in the heart of the town in the Nádasdy castle, offering exhibitions, saloons equipped with furniture from old times, frescoes made centuries ago and the only Hussar exhibition in Hungary.
A walk in the town
Our town boasts several buildings, squares, parks which provide an excellent opportunity for a walk during the day, or the evening hours.
Sights in the region
The surrounding region offers pleasant one-day excursion destinations.